Reggie's Paper Co

10% of Every Card Sold will be Donated to the Rescue and Freedom Project!

Growing up I always had a deep love for creating things. I would always be learning to bake at my grandma’s house, writing stories and binding them into books, and even opening a restaurant with my Easy Bake Oven in my parents’ basement. I always wanted to try new crafts, and I wanted other people to enjoy them.

My husband and I met when I was still a student away at college. He lived here in Eau Claire, while I was down in Whitewater, WI. We saw each other a couple weekends a month, and of course spoke or FaceTimed every night.

However, an important part of our long-distance relationship was writing to each other. Even though we talked via text/calls every single day, there was nothing like receiving a letter in the mail from him. Whether it was scratched onto paper from a notebook or sticky notes, I didn’t care. It was the feeling of holding something in my hand from him + the heartfelt message that made it so special.

Another integral part of who I am is my love for animals, and more specifically dogs. I have never not lived without one (besides college). There is simply no substitute for the love and affection a dog gives you – it is truly unconditional. As my sister and I got older, we became more educated on some very important issues surrounding animal cruelty such as animal testing and adopt-don’t-shop. These concepts have truly carved out our lifestyles and we try very hard to do our part to support these causes. We are very conscious about the brands we buy being cruelty free and we absolutely advocate only adopting animals (as opposed to purchasing from a breeder or pet store).


I wanted to find a way to incorporate my talents + and my passion for animal rights, and that’s when Reggie’s Paper Co. was born. I can make pretty greeting cards for you to enjoy, and share some of my profits with the Rescue and Freedom Project.

My process

Each greeting card is hand designed & assembled in my  Chippewa Falls, WI studio. I use a combination of design, paper, and good ol' double sided tape to handcraft each card individually making each of them unique. Although simple, my cards are modern and practical – making them perfect for you to give to anyone from your boss to your dad. 

The cause

Not only can you feel good supporting a small, Wisconsin-based maker, but you can also consider yourself a hero in the fight against animal testing. For each card sold, I will donate 10% of revenue to the Rescue and Freedom Project – a non-profit organization that “negotiates with laboratories across the world to secure the release of dogs and other animals and give them a chance at a normal home life after everything they have endured for vanity and scientific curiosity.” This way, I can do something that I love (run a creative business) while supporting a world without animal testing.

Photo by Renee Barth Photography