How to Help Animals when Adoption isn't an Option


Sometimes us animal lovers find ourselves in situations where we just cannot add a furry friend to our family. It may be because our landlord doesn’t allow pets, or we can’t afford to adopt a fur baby, or maybe we are so busy that picturing him at home all by himself makes us want to cry. Whatever your reason for responsibly not adopting a dog or cat, there are other ways you can help animals immensely.   

Shop Cruelty Free

You can help animals by not supporting companies that abuse them. Download the Cruelty Cutter app and start using it when you shop. Simply scan your items to see if they’re cruelty free.

You can also tell by looking for the Leaping Bunny. It’s a small leaping bunny graphic printed on products that have agreed to independent audits. You can learn more by visiting Leaping Bunny’s website.

It also helps to follow blogs like Cruelty Free Kitty to get familiar with brands that do and do not test on animals.

Volunteer and Participate in Community Fund Raisers

Almost every community has a fundraiser that benefits its local animal shelters. From 5ks to food tastings, and business partnerships to supply drives, it’s super easy to find something that will help make an impact. Plus, you’ll have fun doing it!

Your local shelter may even need some help walking dogs, cleaning, etc. Call them to see what volunteering opportunities are available.

Eau Claire: 715-839-4747 

Chippewa: 715-382-4832 

Dunn: 715-232-9790

Advocate for them on Social Media

This one is the easiest – you’re already scrolling through your feeds, why not make a difference at the same time? By spreading education about animal abuse, being cruelty free, adoption vs buying and how great animals are in general - you are helping the root cause of animal mistreatment: ignorance.

It’s because of caring humans like you that the world is made better for suffering animals. Spread the word and get your friends involved! The more people that fight against animal cruelty, the closer we are to not having to. Until then, I’ll keep fighting!