The 3 Greeting Cards You Should Always Have on Hand

It’s Monday night and you worked all day, you cooked dinner for yourself and possibly a hungry man who always must add SOMETHING to make it taste right, and now you’re sitting on the couch browsing through your social media feeds. And holy CRAP it’s your boss’s birthday tomorrow and your college friend just got engaged. But that’s okay because you have “the basics” when it comes to greeting cards on hand: Happy Birthday, Congrats, and Thank You.

I always say that opportunities to make people feel special creep up on us – I mean keeping track of my life is difficult enough, let alone all my friends + family! That’s why I have never regretted having a few extra happy birthday cards, congrats cards, and thank you cards stashed away for these exact circumstances.

Thank You Cards

You’re probably thinking “when is the last time you needed a thank you note spur-of-the-moment?” Well let me tell you!

For my full-time gig, we had a client appreciation event at local greenhouse in Eau Claire, WI. They were kind enough to let us bring food for our clients, offered our clients a little somethin’ off their purchases, and they even stayed open a little late for us! They were just so accommodating. While laying in bed that night it dawned on me – I NEED to thank them (and I want it to look planned of course). So, what did I do? You guessed it. I went to my stash of basics and took out my fav thank you card.

This is just one example. Sometimes your friends and family just do things for you that deserve more than a verbal “thanks.” Like I said – you’ll never regret having thank you cards on hand!

Congratulations Cards 

Okay this one is obvious – do you ever really know when your office-mate is going to get engaged, find out he/she is expecting a baby, adopt a new dog, or finally close on a new house?! NO. And even if you do, YOU are also getting married, having babies, adopting all the dogs, and remodeling your own home. So, stock up on some congrats cards for when life happens.

Birthday Cards

We’ve all felt like a total a**hole at one point or another for procrastinating getting someone a birthday card so long that it would be more insulting to give him/her a card. *Inserts the word “belated.”*  Keep a few happy birthday cards on hand to combat the “I just want to stay home with the cat instead of venturing out for a card” attitude. Then you and Mittens can have your wine and drink it too.

PS. If you happened to forget someone's birthday, I've got you covered for that too.

If ever someone gave you better reasons to have some cards on hand, I wanna hear about them! Drop them in the comments below, and subscribe to the Reggie’s Paper Co blog.